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Posted on 03-01-2018

It's safe to say that Americans are not eating as well as we could. The Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) does not supply the individual with the appropriate amount of vitamins, minerals, and fats. Furthermore, the S.A.D. is usually high in refined foods and sugar which contribute to the rise in obesity and disease. Even individuals eating a relatively healthy diet still struggle to get adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals because of soil depletion. In other words, it's not just about how many veggies you eat, it's about how many of those veggies were grown in nutrient dense soil.  
Eating a "whole foods" diet, limiting pesticide exposure, and taking a daily multi-vitamin are crucial when it comes to replenishing your body for its daily needs. Here are a few of our favorite daily vitamins that we have stocked at Brown Family Chiropractic.
Daily Health Packets from Standard Process. Standard Process grows many of the "whole foods" found in their supplements. And best of all they are grown on a certified organic farm where their soil is constantly monitored for nutrient quality! What makes these health packets special is they contain 3 different supplements to meet more of your body's needs. Not to mention, these are incredibly simple to take. They are individually packed so you can even take them on the go.
One-A-Days by Innate Response. This is another food-based multi-vitamin. We stock it in Women's, Women over 40, Men's, and Men over 40 to meet the needs of the individual. What makes these unique is that the proprietary blend contains herbs specific to the mentioned population. We recommend adding an omega-3 supplement to make this a complete daily vitamin.
Catalyn Chewable by Standard Process. This is a great product for kids and those who prefer not to swallow pills. Catalyn is one of the vitamins included in the Daily Health Packets. It contains a variety of whole food items including glandular support. We live in a world that is taxing on our bodies and the glandulars in their products help support our endocrine system.
Can't decide what to take? Stop in and ask us for some guidance. We even recommend that people alternate between multi-vitamins as they each have something different to offer. But no matter what, do you body a favor and fill in those nutritional gaps!

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